The Top Men’s Trends Spring 2018: The Murses, Bumbags, Totes and Other Carryall Bags for Men



Fashion’s New Obsession with Stylish “Masculine” Bags

Stuffing your pockets full of life’s essentials is no longer the way to go. This year, it’s all about cross-body bags, messenger bags, bumbags, envelope bags, totes, and carryall bags. The top fashion houses have solved the problem for you, whatever you need, wherever you’re going, there’s a bag to fit your lifestyle.

For a simple hands-free option, the bumbag aka fanny pack your dad once carried back in the day is back with a vengeance. For spring, they come strapped across the chest instead of around the waist for a fresh, modern update, that can be easily incorporated as a staple accessory with any outfit.

The new modern men’s bags are large enough to carry your keys, wallet, and phone, yet subtle enough to get you through a busy day running around the city without becoming a hassle; “bumbags” are one of the most popular options for men this year.

If you’re looking for a little more style, try a cool printed tote or carryall bag. These new bags will help you carry anything and everything your day calls for, and are one of the season’s standout accessory. Perfect for commuting or men with exceptionally demanding work or school schedules. Backpacks are another essential option. Try a patterned backpack like the ones seen at Versace or a graphic printed style like we saw at Fendi.












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