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Hot off the runways and freshly picked for you are 20 of the best men’s hairstyles to try in 2018. If you fancy a change, here is some inspiration to get you started. It’s never too soon to start planning and these spring/summer 2018 men’s hair trends are going to be major.


Bro Flow – Medium Length Hair

Gucci continues to push the envelope with androgynous fashion and the essence is reflected in the shaggy, medium layered-cut hairstyles that have a distinctive unisex appeal. We’re talking hair that has a sweeping wave like quality and looks like it is always in motion. If you prefer a hairstyle with a boyish charm and a little bit of moody angst mixed with a beachy spirit, this is your style. Remember to keep more length and volume on top so you can rock the side part. A swooping crown makes this mens hair style all that it is.


The Mane Attraction – Long Length Hair

Not for the faint of heart, growing out your hair is definitely a commitment and can be quite a statement. As long as you’ve got the willpower to refrain from the scissors through the “awkward stages,” the end result is so worth it. With endless styling options, it’s virtually impossible to get bored with this look. The styling options range from a cool top knot, to boxer braids, to half-up knots, or simply let your locks fall over your shoulders. There are plenty of options to experiment with.


The Kit Harington – Medium Curly Hair

This slightly undone, natural look skims the top of your shoulders/back of your neck, the perfect in-between look if you’re on the journey to growing out your hair, or just unsure of what cut to commit to and need some time to figure it out. You’ll probably recognize it best on Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington, whose thick brown curls can nearly convince anyone to skip a few trips to the barber. The style works best loosely finger combed and tossed back or to the side. It’s got an effortless, no-fuss vibe that looks just as great dressed up as it does off-duty. To avoid looking too unkempt, keep facial hair to a minimum; clean shaven or well-groomed scruff allows for an intentional “effortless” style without shrouding your face.


Pretty Boy Buzz – Buzzcut

One of the edgier urban cuts sweeping fashion this season is the buzzcut: A super simple style that works well with both modern minimal wardrobes and ultra-stylized outfits alike, as it allows emphasis to remain on strong facial features (hello jawline and cheekbones) and clothes, without detracting from the look. A shaved head screams confidence and badass attitude, requiring zero styling in the morning and only bi-weekly shaves to keep hair down to the skin. If you’re one to get bored with your look, this cut is easily (and quickly!) grown out, or you can experiment with color. Take queues from Jaden Smith and Frank Ocean, who aren’t afraid to play with colors such as pink, blue, or green. For a more subtle approach, yet just as edgy, go with a bleached white blonde a la Zayn Malik.


The Godfather – Slick Back

Perhaps the most classic style to make our list is the polished slicked back. This Mad Men-inspired style reflects the true gentleman and is perfect for those with a refined, masculine style. Ultra-office friendly, the slicked back cut pairs well with or without facial hair, depending on whether you’re going for a clean-cut professional look, or classy vintage vibe. To achieve this style, simply ask your barber to leave the top long and trim the sides shorter for some differentiation (you could even go for shaved sides for a more edgy, dramatic take on the cut!). Whatever your preference, this cut works well with both medium length and shorter hair. To style, simply finger product through the top of your hair for control and hold, combing hair back away from the face. Use a matte pomade for a more modern take, or a high shine gel for a sleek, vintage feel.


The Smoking Hot – Undercut

Similar to the slicked back cut, the undercut takes on the “longer on top, shorter sides” idea to the extreme. Have the sides shaved to the skin, but keep the top extra long. To style, comb some medium hold pomade through to the ends. Brush over to the side and leave your hair slightly messy and tousled for an edgy and low maintenance look, or comb straight back and keep sleek for a polished professional take that maintains that hyper-masculinity, like Josh Brolin.


Boy Next Door – Fringe

Another ultra-trendy yet low maintenance update for 2018 is the textured fringe. Seen on model of the moment, Anwar Hadid, as well as in plenty of spring shows from Givenchy to Todd Snyder, the fringe is already taking over. It works well with relatively any length of hair – just make sure to comb the front straight down over your forehead, chopped right above your eyes, and let your natural texture do the talking. Whether you’ve got curly hair, straight hair, or somewhere in-between, this cut is an easy and versatile trend to jump on while it’s hot.


The Harry Styles – Quiff

The quiff is one of our most timeless hairstyles for 2018 that still maintains that bit of street style edge everyone craves. It follows the popular “long on top meets shorter sides” trend, but this look is all about styling and works best with thicker hair that can achieve some serious volume. To style, start by combing a pomade, wax, or mousse into damp towel-dried hair, and begin blowdrying by lifting your hair up and toward the back for optimal volume. You can do so with a brush for a more polished aesthetic, or opt for a messy, disconnected texture by styling with your hands.


Straight Edge – Side Part

If you’re growing tired of your look, yet hesitant to make the chop, a deep side part is super simple refresh for summer that remains on trend for the fashion crowd. It’s a classic style that goes a long way in terms of amplifying your aesthetic; perfect for the office, or if you’re just striving for a little more polish. J.W. Anderson fully embraces the side part in his Spring 18 show, pairing the look with boyish Americana-style clothing and proving that the look will translate to nearly any length or texture of hair. Drag a comb in a straight line beginning near the crown and going toward your face. A side part directly above your eye is a subtle way to draw major focus on your eyes, just like Bill Skarsgard. Or for a more daring take on the trend, try an even deeper part further past your eye with lots of volume on top.


High Skin Fade

The most severe version of a fade, the high skin fade begins near the top of your head, calling for a faster “fade” between the longer top and shaved sides. Jamie Foxx proves this look to be clean with sharp edges – an effortless yet polished look for summer. Leave the top longer for more styling options, are you’re able to experiment with your fringe, try out a messy quiff, or need a sharp slicked back look for professional events.


Low Skin Fade

One of John Legend’s signature looks, the low skin fade is a more gradual form of fade, where the gradient or transition begins between the ear and nape of your neck. This allows for only a couple inches of skin to show through, versus a higher fade which will show a larger area of skin. Definitely one of the most pervasive trends to make the cut, the low skin fade is versatile enough to be styled in a variety of different ways and suitable for just as many different sartorial styles. From streetwear lines like Gustav Von Aschenbach and Craig Green, to polished labels such as Ermenegildo Zegna, low skin fades are a great way to transition into hot summer weather, despite what your wardrobe looks like.


High and Tight Fade

This style takes the same idea as the high fade, yet pushes it even higher toward the top of the head for a super subtle fade. In contrast with most of our other hair trends, the high and tight fade keeps the top super short and cropped for the coolest low maintenance style for summer. Macklemore provides the perfect example of this no fuss look – a true roll out of bed and go cut. If you’re hesitant to go for the full buzz, yet looking for a lighter, easier style to beat the summer heat, the high and tight fade is an ideal option. To mix it up, try letting a thin layer of fringe grow out over your forehead and keep the rest shaved tight against your head.


Braids for Men

If you’re a low maintenance type who typically rocks the “I woke up like this” look, consider refreshing your look with a freshly braided intricate pattern that require little to no styling on the daily. The new men’s braided styles look just as cool either left down or pulled up in a ponytail or topknot. Braids offer as much style as they do ease. Different styles of men’s braids (fishtail, french, box, etc.) work with virtually any length of hair. It’s easy to find a unique look to fit your style. To experiment with braids, start by taking three small sections of hair and passing the right section over the middle section, then the left section over your new center section. Repeat by adding small pieces to each section as you progress down the length. For beginners, it may take some practice before you get the hang of it. For more complex styles, enlist a friend to help!


Dread Head

Dreadlocks are another option for natural hair if you’re wanting to change your look. Unlike braids, however, dreadlocks require a degree of commitment. As one of the most versatile hairstyles for men of all ages, dreadlocks can be rocked with either short or long hair and incorporated into a number fresh new styles, including a mohawk, a sharp sided fade, trimmed up high tops, deep side parts, or simply left down for a more casual style. Rather than leaving dreads to fall down on the shoulders, we’re seeing a huge upsurge of men tying them up into wild updo’s and topknots to highlight a more distinct personality. One of the biggest misconceptions about dreadlocks is their lack of hygiene and care. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, dread locks need to be washed every few days just like any other style of hair. Clean dreads “lock” and hold their shape better than dirty hair.


Natural Hair

New millennials are known for celebrating diversity and loving the uniqueness of things about themselves. In line with this attitude of acceptance, we’re seeing more and more men embrace natural hair. With the new modern afro, you can rock nearly any shape and size from a near-buzz cut, to a longer or mid-length fro with faded sides and fresh edges. Rather than a dramatic fro from the 70’s, we’re seeing more refined versions of the natural hair trend for 2018. To maintain a beautiful natural fro use a curl defining or curl enhancing shampoo that will help you work wonders regardless of texture. And don’t forget to hydrate your hair with a deep conditioner and protect it with plenty of coconut oil.


Hard Part

One of the easiest ways to bring your hair up to date without completely changing the style is with a highly defined hard part. Especially popular among athletes this defining style can provide a much needed edge and is super easy to achieve. The hard part is simply a more committed version of a traditional part, but further intensified by shaving the line with a straight razor. The hard part does require frequent touchups to keep it looking ultra defined and free of regrowth, so expect to make weekly trips to the barber. Italian soccer player Graziano Pelle is one of forerunners of the trend, combining the hard part with tapered sides and a polished top. It also works well with undercuts, fades, and comb-overs.


The Gentleman – Brush Back

Perhaps the most classic of all styles to make our list is the polished brushed back. It’s both Ivy League, sporty and dashing all at the same time. Clearly, the brush back is the gold standard in men’s hair and a tried and true classic style that still looks great on almost any man. We’re seeing more brushed back hairstyles on male models in adverts and on the runway at shows like Joseph Abboud than ever. To achieve this look, blow the hair dry first, and then style with your hands before applying a product like a styling paste with a light hold. This is an easy hairstyle for short, straight or wavy hair. The key is to not look too slicked back or polished, so keep the sides fairly smooth and just tousle some of the pieces on top for this half done, half undone look.


The Curtain

The curtain was perhaps most famous during the 90s with singers and actors and a host of other heartthrobs opting to wear the style over the course of a decade. It was a huge trend in Hollywood seen on the likes of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Judd Nelson. This old school classic has returned in 2018 to firmly establish itself as one of the best hairstyles a romantic metro-sexual can wear. Unsure on how get the best center part? Here’s what you need to know to get a stylish curtain cut. Ideally, the hair needs to be medium or long to create the perfect curtain hairstyle. Keep the back and the side length much shorter than the top of your hair – this will form the foundation for the desired curtain shape. Lastly, use a suitable product like a soft pomade, wax or hair cream to tame the hair as desired.



Think Elvis and James Dean, there’s a reason the pompadour has maintained a top spot in the popular cannon of sexy mens hairstyles. Nothing says alpha male like a sexy pompadour. And in 2018 there’s a new kind of pompadour where the pouf is visible, but not super prominent with a high skin fade in the back and on the sides. For anyone who wants to rock a dramatic pomp you’ll need a bit of effort to pull it off – but once you nail the steps, you’re golden. Step 1: Towel dry your clean, wet hair. Step 2: Set a blow-dryer to medium heat. Step 3: Grab a round brush. Start brushing from the back and roll the brush backwards to push the hair upward and forward. Step 4: Use a water-based high-hold pomade to mold the shape and slick back the sides.


The Bleached Crop

“The latest manifestation of the crop is a slightly choppier and more textured version of the original, but with a bleach blonde fringe that looks a bit carefully unkempt. This more textured, lived-in look has a young, beach bum appeal similar to the 90s skateboard grunge era. If you’re thinking of going blonde for summer, this is the perfect hairstyle for the sweltering heat. Depending upon the thickness or thinness of hair, this cut offers the ideal solution as texture can be added by the cutting hair in layers to thin it out or make it look more voluminous than it actually is. All you have to do is sweep it all towards the front, and you are set for the day. Invest in a deep conditioning treatment once a week and a purple shampoo to maintain the bright highlights.


The Heartthrob Slick Back

Sick of the man bun but not ready to commit to the big chop? The heartthrob slick back is our favorite new way to style long hair.
This look is truly the best of both worlds; Somewhere between a 1950’s heartthrob and a modern day mullet, this take on the slick back is an edgy alternative to keeping your hair out of your face. This style works best on those with hair that doesn’t go past the shoulders. To get the look, simply part your long locks into a deep side part and comb a medium-hold gel or pomade from just the scalp to the mid-lengths- leave the ends dry to avoid looking greasy.


Hair Designs

Getting a fresh new shaved-in hair design is just the latest hair trend to emanate from the world of sports. In reality, these cool shaved in men’s hairstyles have been around for centuries. The latest haircut designs for men offer a fresh, new way to create a unique style and express your individuality without having to give up your go-to haircut. Sports stars and soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham have spearheaded the new cut-out hair designs, which are easily adapted to any style. Shaved-in hair designs work on literally any hairstyle and can be placed anywhere on the head. For visibility, the best placement is around the temples. However, you can also choose to get an entire work of art etched onto the back of your head. From delicate shaved in lines, to more elaborate designs, you can even incorporate highlights and color with your new hair design. Depending upon the amount of detail you want, the more area you’re going to need. It’s important to note that shaved-in hair designs will not remain sharp for long. Hair growth can start interfering with the look in as quickly as a week. Therefore, frequent touch-ups are a must. Experiment with 2 or 3 lines on the side of your head, a hard-part hair tattoo, or a simple design. The artistic possibilities are endless.

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