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GLOBAL FASHION NEWS covers fashion from around the globe, including the New York, Milan and Paris designer collections. We provide fashion editorial and reviews in a news-clip format for cable / television news shows, such as FOX and CBS television networks throughout the Southern United States. We feature interviews with some of today’s most exciting designers and renowned fashion personalities, who are making news around the world. GLOBAL FASHION NEWS also produces both a Spring and Fall Fashion Forecast for cable and local television markets each season. Our news clips have appeared on FOX TELEVISION, E! ENTERTAINMENT, UNIVISION! and other cable networks.

GLOBAL FASHION NEWS documents the designer prêt-à-porter collections presented in New York, London, Milan and Paris each season on 16mm film for broadcast organizations. Our extensive archival library includes hundreds of collections from the top designers on 16mm film, Digital Beta and DVCAM format.

GLOBAL FASHION NEWS features new and previous seasonal designer collections from New York, London, Milan and Paris, including Interviews, Backstage Footage and City Cutaway Footage.


Fashion was made to be seen on high definition television where attention to detail is everything. GLOBAL FASHION NEWS was founded on the premise of bringing fashion into the world of HD. Quality is key for us and our clients and our exceptional HD footage shows you every outfit in remarkable stunning detail.

GLOBAL FASHION NEWS is at the forefront of offering high definition video footage, designer interviews, and backstage hair & make-up with an emphasis on professional broadcast quality video to give you added insight into each designers artistic vision. We strive to provide our clients with the most vibrant and compelling footage for fashion-related news, industrials and documentaries. Whether you need uncut footage, interviews, celebrity highlights, behind the scenes backstage or fully edited news stories, GLOBAL FASHION NEWS can provide you with footage in any format to fit your needs.

From the catwalks of the world’s top fashion capitals to High-Street, GLOBAL FASHION NEWS tracks the designer’s collections to give you an in-depth look at today’s fashion icons, legends and provocateurs. Designers like MARC JACOBS, CALVIN KLEIN, and LANVIN to others you may not be as familiar with, such as PHILLIP LIM and SOPHIA KOKOSALAKI. You can also browse through a host of new up and coming designers whose exciting work may soon help them become tomorrow’s hottest household names.

Fashion is a fast paced industry and it’s important that your news reflects the latest trends that are making their way around the world. That’s why GLOBAL FASHION NEWS offers specialty programming that focuses on new trends in fashion that matter to your viewers.  Reaching America’s key demographic of young men and women ages 18-35 has never been easier. GLOBAL FASHION NEWS can supply you with the essentials to create vivid news pieces that cater to this valuable market segment. Let your audience know about the latest trends with our Global Fashion News  Fashion Forecast or the Next Big Thing, a review of the Top 10 Collections each season.

Give viewers a sneak peak behind the scenes with Backstage Beauty, where the fashion industry’s top stylists create the season’s hottest looks for the catwalk. Our newest series, The Green, shows you how the fashion industry is evolving towards a more environmentally friendly future. Many designers are taking strides towards a greener future through initiatives like Earthpledge and by focusing on new ways to source manufacture their clothing.  Find out who’s “Green” and “Who’s Not “and what you should look for when buying organic.

GLOBAN FASHION NEWS has one of the best fashion libraries, comprised of top fashion shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris, ranging from the mid 90s to the present. The library contains footage from the world’s top designers to the best of the young and rising stars of fashion. Our B-roll footage is extensive, covering backstage hair and make-up, pre-show rehearsals and designer interviews.

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