The Top Men’s Trends Fall 2019: Warcore and Epic Military Style


Technically speaking, fashion trends are supposed to reflect the times we live in. And the militaristic warcore trend we’re seeing around the globe reflects a major cultural shift detected in the leather harnesses, tactical vests, jackets, and grim face masks seen on the runway. As the world continues to grapple with political divisiveness and the weary toll of war and public protests, signs of self protection and survival gear are everywhere. Interestingly, at least in fashion, fall brings a little less violence and a lot more polish, poetic romance, and a touch of heritage.



Elegant Officers

Military wear has always influenced menswear trends, but this fall the combative guerilla warfare styles emanating from warcore have perhaps finally moved on. Military menswear is still on the mind of many designers, but this fall season looks to past eras, transforming historic military officer’s jackets into elegant winter staples with a bit of romance and history. Sweeping double breasted coats with decorative buttons in luxurious fabrics add an air of panache to the most polished military looks of the season.


Man on the Moon

After the announcement earlier this year, of the revival of a new U.S. space program and a planned future moon landing, the Fall 2019 men’s collections reflect the adventurous spirit of space travel. Utilitarian pockets and protective layers borrowed from warcore morph into inflated padding, carry-all pockets, and anti-gravity defying straps and buckles provide versatility and function. Jumpsuits and puffer jackets take on astronautical qualities in iridescent and metallic fabrics that sparkle with galactic light.


Tactical Grunt Style

The warcore trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon and continues to evolve into fall 2019 with a little less angst and a lot more polish. Bomber jackets and cargo pockets are well known as distinct military references, but the focus now seems to be on practical utility mixed with daywear and suiting. Protective layers from head to toe cover the wearer in everything from camo to playful prints, while zippered pouches, straps and harnesses keep your hands free and add interesting textural details.

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