How to Wear Men’s Sandals, Slides, and Flip Flops


Socks and Sandals Are No Longer Considered a Fashion Faux Pas


One of fashion’s biggest faux pas is now considered fashionable. From Louis Vuitton to Prada, wearing sandals with socks has become the latest fashion obsession in menswear for Spring 2018.

The biggest question for men though has to be: How to wear socks and sandals without looking like a total dork. It is just a trend after all. Some trends can look like ridiculous — especially in menswear, so you have to tread carefully. What is also significant about the trend is that the socks have gone through a micro revolution of their own. Socks are an integral part of sneaker culture, and the new utilitarian trend, is making them a more prominent part of a man’s wardrobe.

The key to not looking completely ridiculous while wearing socks-and-sandals is to always keep your overall look in mind. You want to look relaxed and polished, not like a pensioner.



How to Wear Slides with Socks Without Looking Like a Tourist


For most men, there is something completely comforting and uniquely masculine about walking around in a pair of casual slides with socks. This season there’s a laid back charm in wearing brightly colored socks with athletic or floral print slides to hit a weekend party or lounge by the pool.

The revamped socks and sandals trend has been gaining steam since last summer and has now gone mainstream. Once a staple of normcore, the combination seems highly unnatural, except in the hands of designers like Silvia Venturi Fendi, Balenciaga and a whole slew of designer in Milan and Paris who sent models down the runway wearing slides with socks.



Taking the Plunge in Flip Flops, Sandals, and Slides

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