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As with most popular hairstyles, rappers and athletes with braids are a substantial driving force behind the rise in the popularity of braids for men. From short, tight cornrows to intricate fish bone designs and longer options, everyone from ASAP Rocky to Ludacris are rocking some version of new, modern braids. Men and women are now sporting an abundance of different styles, from the traditional to the contemporary – let’s take a look at some of the newest styles.


New Ways to Style Braids


If you’re a low maintenance type of guy who typically rocks the “I woke up like this” look, consider refreshing your locks with intricate patterns that require little to no styling on the daily, and look just as cool either left down or tied up in a ponytail or topknot. Braids offer just as much style as they do ease with hundreds of different types and styles of braids (fishtail, french, box, etc.) that work with virtually any length of hair. It’s easy to find a unique look to fit your style. To achieve the look, start by taking three small sections of hair and passing the right section over the middle section, then the left section over your new center section. Repeat by adding small pieces to each section as you progress down the length. For beginners, it may take some practice before you get the hang of things; otherwise, or for more complex techniques, enlist a friend to help!


Dread Head


Dreadlocks are another option if you’re looking to change up your look, regardless of length. Unlike braids, however, dreadlocks definitely require some degree of commitment. One of the most versatile hairstyles for men, dreadlocks can be formed from short or long hair and incorporated into a number of trends, including mohawks, sharp side fades, trimmed up high tops, deep side parts, or simply left down in a more casual style. Rather than leaving dreads to fall down on the shoulders, we’ve seen a huge surge in wild updo’s and topknots that highlight a more distinct personality. One of the biggest misconceptions about dreadlocks is their lack of hygiene and care. In reality, dread locks need to be washed every couple of days just like any other style of hair. Clean dreads “lock” and hold their shape faster than dirty hair.


It’s Only Natural


Our generation is known for celebrating diversity and loving the unique things about ourselves. In line with this social trend, we’ve seen more and more people embrace their natural hair texture and curl. With the new modern style afros, you can rock nearly any shape and size from mohawks to a near-buzz cut, to a longer or mid-length with faded sides and fresh edges. Rather than the ultra dramatic fros that marked the 70’s, we’re seeing more tamed versions of the trend for 2018. When maintaining beautiful natural hair, a curl defining or enhancing shampoo will work wonders regardless of texture, and don’t forget to hydrate your locks with a deep conditioner and plenty of coconut oil.

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