Palomo Spain Spring 2019: The Unexpected World of Palomo Spain

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Spanish designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo is a master at subverting the traditional notions of masculinity and is paving the way for men who want to express their feminine side. “I actually have quite a lot of straight customers, although the number is fewer than those that are gay, of course…eventually we’re going to find the balance between the two…I actually think there are many pieces – beautiful blouses, and tailored styles – which can be very masculine,” says Palomo, “I really want Palomo to be for everyone.”


For his Spring 2019 titled “Wunderkrammer,” (the German word for a cabinet of curiosities) held at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid Alejandro Gómez Palomo took viewers on a dramatic journey that spanned the far reaches of the globe. The designer referenced Victorian hunting outfits with safari jackets worn with pelmet hats and elegant pajamas trimmed with opulent embellishments and flamenco style ruffles. Feather-trimmed trousers and metallic kaftans made up of silk and tweed came in rich, saturated colors from India. “It’s the same boy that we’ve portrayed [in the past, but now he’s coming from this trip around the world, or since he’s a dreamer, his own mind. He’s collecting the weirdest things and attracted to all the beauty that Planet Earth has to offer,” Palomo said.


While many of the looks were certainly dramatic, the more wearable pieces included a sheer tie-neck blouse with pale blue trousers and a structured jacket that could also be worn by just about anyone. A collaboration this season with Tolentino Hats produced a sumptuous array of over-the-top hats adorned with everything from mosquito nets to ostrich feathers. While Palomo’s style may not be your taste, he has quickly gained a powerful celebrity following including Harry Styles who can be seen wearing a bespoke Palomo Spain suit in his latest video, in addition to the viral image of Beyoncé in a floral robe she wore to announce the arrival of her twins on the designer’s Instagram.


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