Feng Chen Wang Spring 2019: Your Other Half

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Feng Chen Wang wants to find her other half. “Who is your other half? Is it a person? Is it your career? Or is it something else? These are the questions which are at the forefront of Feng Chen Wang’s mind for Spring/Summer 2019,” reads the designer’s show notes. This season, Feng Chen Wang is exploring the “human connection” and what “completes” us.


Wang “completed” her pieces by adding double collars to trenchcoats and stitching together two different washes of Levi’s jackets to make one. An extra pants leg was added to jeans, and an extra sole was spliced in half and glued on top of the Converse sneakers. “Obviously, this became part of the design process,” she says, “taking two jackets and putting them together, cutting shoes in two and stitching them together, or taking two colorways, one cold and one warm. Two in one.”


Wang’s ombré colorways played into the idea of two polar opposite halves coming together harmoniously; A white trenchcoat with one half icy blue, representing sorrow, graduated into the pink half, representing happiness. “While love warms us all over, depression cools us, and anger ignites our head, upper chest and arms,” explains Wang. Black and gray also played off the idea of yin and yang. Larger than life 3-D backpacks and cross-body bags were made to look like hands caressing the models. The designer also debuted a series of women’s looks for the very first time that included a cropped trenchcoat, swimsuits and oversized anoraks.


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