Dior Homme Spring 2019: Couture Menswear

“I’d call it romantic, rather than feminine,” explains Kim Jones of his new take on tailoring at Dior Homme Spring 2019. Along with many other menswear designers following suit, Jones believes it’s about time that couture be adapted to men’s fashion. This resulted in finely-cut blazers topping crisp shorts and cuffed trousers in matching sets of pinstripes, muted blues, white, and flax, with the iconic Dior logo sprinkled throughout the show.


Symbology was a key element of focus for Kim Jones’ at his debut menswear collection for Dior Homme Spring 2019. Kim Jones also took the opportunity to pay homage to Christian Dior through his clever use of tiny flowers pressed and secured underneath the trasparent see-through jackets and outerwear, which reference Monsieur Dior’s porcelain dinner service, as well as a Toile de Jouy print inspired by the wallpaper from Dior’s first boutique in 1947. Jones also collaborated with cult street artist, Kaws to bring back a bumblebee design from from the mid 90s.


What do Dior and Six Flags have in common? Seemingly nothing, aside from the cool hardware on accessories which debuted at last week’s Paris runway show. Matthew Williams of the exploding street label, Alyx collaborated with Kim Jones to design buckles on belts, hats, bags, and even closures on blazers inspired by a rollercoaster ride at Six Flags. The bold industrial hardware features a “CD” logo and exposed screws for an edgy juxtaposition to the otherwise polished looks.


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