Damir Doma Fall 2018: New Bohemians

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Croatian designer Damir Doma channeled 1980s Männer Vogue and the techno underground scene of DJs Barker & Baumecker, who played at his fall 2018 show in Berlin. Utilizing the edgy, bohemian atmosphere of downtown Berlin, Doma reinterpreted his signature minimalist styles into easy-to-wear silhouettes in deep jewel-tone colors like burgundy, raspberry, coral and electric blue. His show held at the exclusive night club, Halle Am Berghain, featured elements of Doma’s former life as a nightclub denizen that could be seen in an airbrushed lime green print on python boots, and skintight, thigh-high boots. “Officially, I went to study, but at that time, it was so exciting,” he said of his time spent in Berlin.


Lately, Doma has been adopting a softer approach to his signature minimalist silhouettes. His designs encapsulate a measured study in proportion bridging the gap between futuristic fashion and what’s trending now. There were elements of athleisure in a shiny Lurex and satin track jacket and coral orange sweatpants contrasted by a brown satin shirt and hoodie, cocooned by an oversized coat with extra-long lapels. Lightweight turtlenecks were utilized underneath draped dresses and space-knit sweater vests. Some looks had up to three or four visible layers, while others had only two. Many of the runway looks were finished off with either a bucket hat with straps dangling down to the waist, or the ever-trendy bumbag slung on one hip.

Doma incorporated vintage prints such as jacquards and paisley, as well as chunky patterned sweaters inspired by antique carpets and other rich textures such as velvet and satin which resulted in a collection that was heavy on contrast, yet remained minimalistic.


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