Diesel Black Gold Fall 2018: Fashion Tribes

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For Fall, Diesel Black Gold creative director Andreas Melbostad tapped into a tribal, multi-ethnic vibe, filtering it through a modern urban lens. “It’s a celebration of multiculturalism and of a collaborative ethos and philosophy.”  Visually rich patterns and tribal motifs can be seen on slender tunics, and Mexican and Peruvian sweaters worn underneath peacoats and patchwork shearlings. Rich embroideries and hand-sewn motifs embellished everything, including outerwear, apparel, and accessories alike.


Feeling like part of a tribe is one of the core values at Diesel, coupled with a spirit of exploration and nomadic world travel. “We riffed on all sorts of multi-cultural references, and combined them together in a free spirit kind of way,” said Melbostad backstage. “Peru, Iceland, Africa, Eastern Europe, Navajos, Morocco, Eskimos, Afghanistan, India, you name it!” Renzo Rosso, president of the OTB, chimed in: “We delved into my personal archive, which is a treasure trove of all the finds I have collected from my travels from my youth during the ’80s, like the Moroccan carpets that I used to patchwork into my collections,” said Rosso. The many various geographical and cultural references were seamlessly blended together into an enthralling, striking collection. Diesel Black Gold delivered a hefty dose of multiculturalism that felt intensely authentic and especially appropriate given the global refugee crisis.


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