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Chanel Fall 2016

Chanel Fall 2016 about the Set: It’s Vaguely the structure of the old Chanel Salon, but it was never this cool
It’s an idea of the past reinterpreted with an installation for today.

Colors: There’s a deep framboise. It’s a very fresh pink but it’s not a boudoir pink in the opening. I like this shade of pink.
Most of the tweeds are done on embroidery. Some of them are embroidery and others are done by hand on very small looms.
It’s not mass production.

Detail: Those metallic holes the french name is rivet normally people do them in leather. Here they are in knit.
That was a new thing to put them in knit and to give it a kind of geometric pattern.

On The Iconic Quilted Chanel Jacket: We don’t call it quilted we call it Chesterfield.
This is evolution of the Chanel quilted coat called the Chesterfield.

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