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Karl Lagerfeld Gives Chanel’s Cruise A Cuban Beat with a Historic Celebration

Karl Lagerfeld infused Chanel’s latest collection with a Cuban beat in celebration of the thawing of relations between the US and Cuba. He showed Chanel’s 2017 Cruise Collection on the streets of Havana. Evidence of Cuba’s rich cultural heritage popped up throughout the show with men in Panama hats subtly carrying cigars before the opening of the show, all perfectly styled with Chanel pearls. Crowds gathered around on the street and on balconies to catch a glimpse of the show and cheer on the models. Their excitement resonated perfectly with the joyful and youthful clothes in the collection.

The show opened with Coco Chanel’s signature look in trousers and skirt suits accessorized with extra wide ties, waistcoats, and huge jeweled broaches. As models strolled casually down the Paseo de Prado in Old Havana wearing sandals and flat brogues in ultra casual, yet classic Chanel styling, Lagerfeld  treaded lightly on the Latin theme and blended it deftly with Parisian chic. These looks were followed by black, white and gray organza dresses adorned with flowers and tropical leaves. The show then took a more casual turn with military green or army brown jackets over casual shorts and skirts. Karl also made sure to include the famous Chanel little black jacket on male and female models alike.

Lagerfeld expanded upon the Cuban theme further with souvenir T-shirts advertising a Cuban vacation under tweed jackets.  An array of striped skirts and tweed came in a multitude of rainbow colors. And the small clutches carried by the models were also decorated with souvenir stickers, while others carried tweed backpacks or large quilted bags. Among the many coveted accessories, wide metallic belts were seen wrapped around several of the dresses dresses, some sported layers of pearl necklaces with flower pendants and matching bracelets or metallic bangles and charm bracelets. The 1920s and 30s was a prevailing theme, but the shift dresses and waistcoats were updated with sequins and contemporary accessories. Karl Lagerfeld’s groundbreaking show in Cuba not only set new standards for Resort collections, he also added to the celebration of Cuban culture missing from US relations for almost 40 years.


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