Sanchez-Kane Spring 2018: Mexican Designer’s Defiant Garments

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Sanchez-Kane’s Defiant Garments Push Up Against the Political System

As a Mexican born designer, it’s only natural that the current state of American politics would manifest itself in Barbara Sanchez-Kane’s work. At her spring 2018 presentation titled “Men Without Fear,” Sanchez-Kane channeled the many misguided stereotypes and attitudes directed at minorities. The designer highlighted the current plight of immigrants, embellishing garments with cut outs, Mexican silk flowers, a Mohawk head-piece made out of water bottles, and delicate metal sculptures bent into shapes like a stiletto boot.

In some of her pieces, Sanchez-Kane incorporated messages from her journal entries, “Freelance Lover and Post Coital Relationship,” as graphics on t-shirts. Mexican references like the wooden bead seat covers used by taxi drivers in Mexico City and floral applique embellishments adorned many of her pieces.

Curated by “emotional chaos, and inherently unapologetic, Sanchez-Kane’s intimate presentation deftly put on display the designer’s childhood memories. Those memories manifested themselves in an artful collection full of imagination with each look aided by her eccentric use of fabric and materials amid a structural concept. The runway cast made up entirely of Latin and Hispanic models strived to perform the designers innermost dialogue on the runway.


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