Marc Jacobs Spring 2020: 70s Flower Child

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On the Monday evening before 9/11, Marc Jacobs showed a star studded fashion show at Pier 54, with the Twin Towers glistening but a few hundred yards away. A glamorous celebrity packed and incidentally poignant, the direction was 70s flower child – Seen in context as a tragically dazzling snapshot of life in New York City before the world changed the next morning.


The Spring 2020 show like that show Spring/Summer 2002 is a celebration of life, joy equality, individuality, optimism, happiness indulgence, dreams, and a future unwritten as we continue to learn from our past and the history of fashion. Exploring iconic image software, the designers we love, forever catalogued, maintained and retained.  Not from a computer or a cloud or the transient archives of the internet, but from our natural motherboards, data centers and memory banks – our brains.  From the genius of Karl Lagerfeld, the cheerful bright-eyed positivity of Doris Day, the incomparable timeless style of Lee Radziwill, to the effortless coolness of Anita Pallenberg that endures a half century later among the endless sea of digital influencers.


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