Christopher Kane Spring 2019: A Love Letter to Lace

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On a recent trip to Tokyo, Christopher Kane found an accessory in a sex shop that inspired his lover letter to lace for spring 2019. “I was inspired by an amazing piece of lingerie I found, basically a crotch, made for ladies of the night or strippers. We took the shape and made it into a beautiful anatomical design, almost like a piece of armor,” says Kane. “I didn’t want to make it look like lace; I wanted it to look almost hard and strong.” The unique shape of the seductive item provided a ribcage effect to corseted bodices, and a skirt suit with two connected pieces acting as somewhat of a corset belt to the jacket.

Christopher Kane is a master at empowering women to express their sexuality through his clothes. “We do sex differently than anyone else,” says Kane. “It’s intellectual, you don’t see anything like it anywhere else, and it’s subversive although I hate that word, actually.” “I love women and I’ve always been brought up around strong women.” The women I dress don’t dress for anyone else, but themselves.” That’s the whole point.” The collection titled Nature and Sex, featured a soundtrack of Sir David Attenborough’s commentaries on mating, along with Marilyn Monroe’s perspective on the implications of being a sex symbol. Sir Attenborough is obviously talking about sexual desire in animals and how we’re so alike,” explains Kane. “While Marilyn is talking about how she was a sexual creature, but was despised for it. “There’s a part when Marilyn talks about glamour and sex, and how she was frowned upon for being glamorous and sexy, and how she felt she was a burden to society because she was so beautiful, but also so fragile.”

The words “Sexual Cannibalism,” was strewn across black t-shirts, tunics, and dresses, and accompanied by an illustration of male and female praying mantis, because the female eats the male after mating. There was also an image of a mare and stallion in a mating stance, and big cats fighting printed with the word “Foreplay” providing some cheeky innuendo. The cleverness of Kane’s sense of humor keeps the collection from being overtly naughty.


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