Brandon Maxwell Spring 2018: Southern Charm in New York

Brandon Maxwell’s Spring 2018 show featured an all-star cast of supermodels including Karlie Kloss, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill, and Jourdan Dunn. In his most successful collection to date, the Lady Gaga stylist departed from his typical evening wear code to offer luxe yet clean glam for day and even denim. Gigi Hadid opened the show in slim cigarette pants, a red halter top, and a belted pastel pink blazer with accentuated shoulders. She was followed by her sister Bella in a similar iteration of a red belted blazer, magenta halter top, and high waisted flares that somehow managed to make the supermodel’s impossibly long legs appear even longer. Both looks had a modern sophistication, yet were still wearable for day. Maxwell says, “I wanted to offer something that our customer could wear to work, or to her friend’s house on the weekend.”


Feeling nostalgic, Brandon Maxwell circled back to his Texan roots with a collection of high waisted denim. Maxwell took his best selling cigarette pant and boot-cut trousers and re-cut them in classic denim, pairing them with halter tops, blazers, peplums, and a crisp white shirt with an elongated back hem. In a tribute to his father, the designer embellished the back pocket with a faded outline of a Skoal tin.

Departing from previous seasons, Maxwell went with a profoundly vibrant colorful palette reflecting his mood and current disposition in life. “To be very literal, my life has felt very colorful in the last six months. I have been in such a great mental place. I just really enjoyed this creation process. It was such a joyous experience for me. In the past six months, I’ve enjoyed my life for the first time as an adult.” “The most honest thing to say,” Maxwell said, “is that my life has become more colorful.”



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