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Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2012
by Edwardo Flores
A forceful and unconventional-chic line packed with mesmerizing outerwear and reinvented little black dresses is what Ann Demeulemeester sent out for her fall 2012 collection. Demeulemeester’s chiaroscuro color palette was dominated by seductive noir and inky midnight blues which added a shock of color and dimension. Ann Demeulemeester redefined the punk look by employing sharp tailoring with unfinished edges on tiered handerchief hemmed skirts, and structured leather jackets. What made this collection truly unique was the impeccable origami tailoring on the jackets and trench coats that were cut up into sharp asymmetrical folds, and paired with skin tight leather pants, skirts, and shorts. The little black dress was transformed into long and lean minimalist beauties that prove one can still make an edgy statement with a simple dress. In the end, Ann Demeulemeester brought an unexpected approach to hard core punk by transforming it into timeless, yet edgy wearable clothes.

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