Luar Spring 2018: Fetishizing the Corporate World

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Forget about the stale pantsuits you’ve mindlessly been sporting since your first day on the job, Luar is here to reinvent your idea of the “office dress code.” It’s true, clothes may not define us, but they sure say a lot about who you are, and that’s exactly what’s behind Raul Lopez’ latest Spring 2018 menswear collection. “People dress in such a specific way to go to work,” Lopez says. “But then they go home and they take off those clothes, they get rid of the dress code. They’re into fetishes and drag when they’re out of the office, and they’re completely different.”

Raul Lopez breathes new life into the traditional corporate dress code by deconstructing the typical business wardrobe and fusing it with an array of discordant ideas that merge an after-hours persona with the business one. Trousers, blazers, and crisp cotton shirts all feature prominently in the collection, but they’re unlike any you’ve ever seen. Shirts and trousers have added appendages like baby clothes attached to trousers and sleeves, and silhouettes in exaggerated proportions poke fun at mainstream ideas.

The show isn’t all business; Raul Lopez shines a light on the lurid underbelly of corporate America and speaks to both the current sexual harassment scandals from Hollywood to Washington, and gender roles in the workplace.


One of New York Fashion Week’s Most Noteworthy Designers

At his Spring 2018 menswear show titled “Corporativo,” New York designer Raul Lopez turned the traditional business dress codes on it’s head, deconstructing business suits as genderless, erotic fetishistic incarnations. “People dress in such a specific way to go to work,” Lopez says. “But then they go home and they take off those clothes, they get rid of the dress code, and they are into fetishes or drag, out of the office they’re completely different.” In the world of Raul Lopez, men no longer have to separate the two worlds. The crazy subverted hair styles also had a message. Bits of flyaway hair were attached to random parts of the models’ faces in a cheeky nod to Trump’s hair flapping in the wind.

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See All the Looks from the Collection

Cottweiler semi-sheer zipped windbreaker • Cottweiler • $225
Neil Barrett Virgin Wool Suit Vest w/ Tags • Neil Barrett • $66.50
UEG White Paris Jacket • Ueg • $154
Oversized Square Buckle Belt • Shein • $9
KIRED Overcoats • $586
Stacy Adams – 3-Pack Tie Assortment with Pocket Squares Ties • Stacy Adams • $49.99

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