Thom Browne Beauty Spring 2018: Otherworldy Beauty


Take Your Everyday Beauty Look to a Whole New Dimension

For Thom Browne’s dreamy, outer space inspired Spring 2018 collection, makeup artist Sil Bruinsma used MAC Cosmetics to create an ethereal glow. Bruinsma began by mixing MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in White with MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation and gently patting it into the skin for a light, almost translucent base. Then, to emphasize the bone structure, he highlighted the tops of the cheekbones, the inner corner of the eyes, forehead, and chin with MAC Skinfinish in Doublegleam for ultimate light reflection. Depending on the model’s skin tone, he lightly brushed over the highlight with MAC Glitter in Reflects Pearl, Reflects Bronze, or Reflects Copper. To finish the look, he placed cosmetic jewel stickers in the shape of a diamond teardrop under the eye.

Before the show, Thom Browne sent hair stylist Eugene Souleiman a single picture of a bald woman to use for magical space fairy hair inspiration. From there, Souleiman managed to dream up a meticulously sculpted, Saturn-shaped coif. To create the sculpted hair, Souleiman used Wella EIMI Sculpt Force Flubber Gel to tame and form the 3D “Saturn rings” of hair on the head. He dusted the hair with a sprinkling of MAC Glitter, then locked all it in place with Wella EIMI Stay Firm Workable Finishing Hairspray.



MAC MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation – N1 • M·A·C • $29
MAC MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation Spf 30 – Nw 22 • M·A·C • $35
MAC Pro Pigments – Rose Gold • M·A·C • $22
Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish gold • M·A·C • $28
Wella EIMI Sculpt Force – 4.23 oz. • $17.50
Wella EIMI Stay Firm Workable Finishing Hairspray • Wella • $17.50


Get the Look With Eugene Souleiman and Sil Bruinsma’s Ultimate Toolkits


MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation
MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation

Start by creating a sheer foundation base for the glitter to stick to.


MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish
MAC Glitter

Highlight the high points of your face with the Skinfinish highlighter, then lightly dust the glitter on the highlighted areas.


Wella EIMI Sculpt Force Flubber Gel
Wella EIMI Stay Firm Workable Finishing Hairspray

Begin by slicking back your hair and pinching up a section from the front to shape a “Saturn ring.” Follow with a dusting of MAC glitter, then spray it all into place.
PRO TIP: Use something to shield your face from glitter fallout.

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