Dior Homme Fall 2017: Dior Goes Hardcore Techno

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From new wave to techno, Dior Homme creative director Kris Van Assche referenced a wide range of music subcultures in Dior’s latest men’s collection. British new wavers, romantic bands and techno geeks—all made an appearance on the runway in ultra-sharp, club tinged suiting that began with a series of pinstriped gangster suits worn with skinny ties and louche, wide trousers. The mostly black and white hard-core clubbing looks featured pops of red and bright neon orange coats and linings. 

A common theme throughout the show was the seamless fusing of suiting with streetwear elements, and chic clubbing accessories.  There were chains with pendants attached to pant belt loops, and suspenders, in addition to metallic necklaces and tie bars accessorizing every look. “It’s symbolic of the house’s spirit, it’s a rave party, hard core because now the two concepts of luxury and fashion coexist,” explained Kris van Assche. Dior’s new slogan “Hardior” was plastered on hats, bags and vests, and worn with classic suits.  Followed by brilliant flashes of neon orange  in the form of a leather trench coat, jacket, and striped sweaters worn under coats and vests with a distinct rave culture vibe.

Elaborately detailed topstitching, appliqué patchwork, and technical details embellished every jacket making them truly unique. Van Assche closed the show with looks featuring black and white photographic images of unruly mosh pits by Dan Witz. The series of rave images were printed onto suits, bombers, and weekend bags, along with technical outerwear.  Futuristic frameless sunglasses in reflective holographic shades in smokey green and silver added to the enviable, over-the-top styling. These along with the wordplay on various pieces served to drive home the point that Dior Homme speaks to a whole new generation of young men with the lifestyle and income to bask in Dior’s sybaritic escapism.


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