Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2019: Sexy Undercurrent

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For Spring 2019, Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto merged fresh new ideas and a sexy undercurrent with his cult of personality.  Not one to hold back from expressing his views through his clothes, Yamamoto’s latest collection makes a sharp turn toward the titillating. For the first time, the designer presented a collection which was sexier and more alluring than anything he’s ever shown before. “Essentially,” the designer says, “I feel that ordinary people and fashionable people are all tired of fashion because there’s nothing kind of strong, and sexy.”

What he presented was a clear message that capitalized on the feminine factor. Scaling back his complicated layering and tailoring for a new heightened awareness of the female form that could be seen in every silhouette. The results retain the subtext of his life’s body of work while radiating a sensual grace. The clothes follow the body, along the way baring a shoulder or revealing a glimpse of skin at the midriff or the models long legs.

The finale was yet another Yamamoto statement, this time against climate change and racism. Yamamoto sent out five gorgeous young women wearing various forms of African dress juxtaposed with T-shirts and skirts, each adorned with a head scarf and looking completely individual. There’s something special about the integrity of Yohji Yamamoto’s work that resists succumbing to seasonal trends. You have to respect him for following his own vision.


See All the Looks from the Women’s Collection

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