Victoria Beckham Spring 2019: Celebrates Landmark 10th Anniversary

Victoria Beckham has come full circle, bringing Posh Spice back for a reunion tour and returning to London Fashion Week after years of showing in New York. Beckham celebrated her 10 year anniversary with a triumphant homecoming. One might imagine that after this many seasons, it would be time to step back, but not for Beckham. “I’m still as enthusiastic, I’m still as excited and still as passionate – and you know I’m very driven, I love what I do and that hasn’t changed,” she declared.

A lot has changed for her label along the way – gone are the days of sexy body-con dresses and high-shine fabrics. Instead, her wardrobe has evolved to suit a modern working woman. Her show opened with an elegant white power suit over lacy lingerie-inspired camisole and chrome booties; it’s a look that is both powerful and easy for any woman to pull off “What we did was celebrate being different. We showed it was okay to be who you are,” Beckham said. “And that’s what this is about—empowering women through fashion.”

Beckham is known for her ability to straddle a fine line between masculine and feminine interplay, and this season her draped dresses were styled over trousers. All of the strong codes she has established since her first season, from the precise cuts, to her controlled, minimal color palette were there. Ultra-slim cigarette trousers with splits at the ankle, that make your legs look ten times longer came in nude, black, white, blue, and red layered under dresses, tunics and asymmetrical skirts. In one look, a white t-shirt and tailored suit jacket was paired with gold brocade cigarette trousers. Of course there were also plenty of cool girl essentials in the mix like slip on mules, elegant flats and lace trimmed silk camisoles to wear with everything. Victoria Beckham has created a global brand for the new jet-set woman.


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