Simon Miller Spring 2015 Interview

House of Holland Sale

1. Denim is really key this season.  Are we having a fashion denim moment again?

SM: I think there is an indigo resurgence, since we launched Simon Miller we’ve stayed true to our love of indigo and it’s really gratifying to see it being picked up in the wider market.

2. This is the first time that we’ve seen the womens collection.  Can you tell us more about it?

SM: This is our first time presenting both for Fashion Week and our new women’s collection. Mens has always been a staple business for us.  Our clientele prefers easy styles, but in very elevated fabrications and dye treatments,  Women’s is an opportunity to take it in a new direction and experiment with more variety of styles. We’re excited.

3. The shapes and the silhouettes in the womens collection seem effortless.  Easy to put on and east to take off.

SM: One of the most important elements for our menswear is the wearer’s love for product. You know, the guy who likes to wear the same shirt and jeans multiple times in a week and although it is a bit trickier for women.  We’d like to position Simon Miller as the label where women can have staple pieces and wear them day-in and day-out without loosing its appeal or feel.

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