Robert Geller Fall 2017: Fashion Gets Political

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Robert Geller’s DIY Immigrant Shirt Says it All

In lieu of a 10th anniversary celebration, Robert Geller decided to forego his celebratory moment and instead make his collection a sobering call to arms. “It’s about the need to protest, the need to protect, but also to have some hope,” he said. His collection featured heavy military references with bomber jackets and neoprene ski masks that appeared menacing at times. A protest theme reigned throughout the collection with a sharp mix of tailoring, and embroidered details, including shoulder epaulettes on many of the jackets and coats.

One of the most striking aspects of the collection was Geller’s use of pinks and purples  in the camouflage prints and double-breasted coats.  Brightly colored bouclé jewel toned cashmere sweaters  and silk trousers added a sliver of hope and optimism to the somber militant silhouettes. A camouflage bomber jacket looked battle-ready paired with an indigo blue neoprene balaclava and bright pink dueling gloves that gave a “take-to-the-streets” feel.

While some looks portrayed hope, others honed in on the divisiveness of oppression and war.  However, the pièce de résistance of the collection was an oversized military coat with shoulder epaulets that was juxtaposed with a pair of blue silk trousers.

Geller said after his show that although protest and fear were on his mind, there was also an undeniable thread of hope that he tried to instill in his collection with his use of color.

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