Represent Spring 2018: “Wide Awake”

Represent Fall 2018 Men’s Runway photo by Andy Rolfes

“Wide Awake” Represent’s Fresh New Take on British Streetwear

For their Spring 2018 menswear collection, brothers George and Mike Heaton pulled inspiration from Winston Churchill’s “Wide Awake” WWII propaganda posters. In tribute to Churchill, the British prime minister was depicted as a bulldog above the phrase “Holding the Line!” with the Union Jack behind him. That felt appropriate with these clothes, which mix British patriotism with a touch of punk. The collection entitled “Wide Awake” speaks to the current political climate around the world and the awakening of millennials (#woke). The title was seen printed on a V-neck sweater alongside an image of Churchill, and on sweatshirts, as well as embroidered on the knee and hem of jeans, along with plaid shorts, pants and hoodies that proudly display the word “England.”

The brothers’ fresh take on British streetwear included athletic inspired, oversized Under t-shirts, some tucked in and some left loose paired with more constricting bottoms. All rendered in the softest tactile fabrics such as velour and silk that could easily pass as stylish pajamas, especially the matching tops and bottoms. There were track jackets, sweatshirts, zip up hoodies, bombers, denim jackets, lightweight parkas, and even a tough, leather biker jacket.

The mostly black, dark red and plum color palette was contrasted with pops of white and punchy, tropical prints on shirts that coexist beautifully with their signature extra-soft hoodies and joggers. “It’s more concept-driven,” says George Heaton. “Even more tailored to our interests, and what we like to wear. Our lifestyle. We’re our own target market, our age and taste – and we know what people like us want to see. That’s why it works so well.”

Represent Wide Awake shirt • $226
Represent contrast side panel tracksuit jacket • $327–356
Churchill Printed Jersey T-Shirt • $153
Destroyer Stretch Cotton Denim Jeans • $169
Logo Side Band Track Pants • $306
Represent drawstring shorts • $164–181
Represent Wide Awake shirt • $225–260
Represent Heel hoodie • $244–260
Wide Awake Hooded Cotton Sweatshirt • $300
Leather Suede Chelsea Boots • $330
Wide Awake Knit Socks • $47
Oversize Hooded Union Jack Parka • $460


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