Represent Fall 2017: The New Breed of British Streetwear

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The New Breed of British Streetwear is Being Led by Represent

Headed up by brothers Mike and George Heaton, the Represent menswear label is taking the streetwear industry by storm with its distinctive British look. Positioned as a streetwear brand with authentic roots in the U.K., Represent has gained a worldwide following for their focus on combining street style with exceptional fabrics sourced in the U.K. For fall, the brothers sought to evoke the lifestyle and fashion tribes they grew up with. “We looked back on what was going on in the north of Britain in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the culture clashes and the subcultures that emerged, and we put a modern spin on those,” said George.


Bleached denim, flannel shirts, shearling and velour all figured prominently in the grunge-tinged mix of cargo pants, ripped jeans, flannel shirts and military-inspired bomber jackets. Everything in the collection is thoughtfully researched and designed with durability, style and design in mind. The Heaton brothers manufacture Represent in the north of England and typically show their menswear collection in Paris. So why did they trek to New York for the fall 2017 season? “Our fan base is massive in the U.S., and a lot of our inspiration is drawn from the U.S.,” explained George. Several pieces adorned with the Union Jack evoke the brand’s U.K. origins, but if Represent’s overall look seems familiar, that’s intentional. The brothers admit they’re huge fans of Los Angeles. “We go there a lot and draw a lot of inspiration from the lifestyle,” said George. “It’s a complete change from what we’re used to, so we take that aspect and put it together with our life in Manchester to create the collection.” All photos by Andy Rolfes.

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