Louis Vuitton Spring 2018: Stranger Things – Period Costumes Meet Streetwear

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Nicolas Ghesquière’s 18th Century Mash Up

Class is in session, and Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière just imparted one of the most important history lessons of all: “aristocratic taste never goes out of style.” In an 18th-century mashup of two of the unlikeliest eras of period costumes, Louis XVI court style and relaxed athleisure, the collection hones in on the extremes from both. “It was that thing of anachronism with a hint of romanticism. I think we all need that these days,” says Ghesquière.

Gone are the days of strict sartorial themes; In today’s world of high fashion, anything goes- from Western style embellishments, to Sci-Fi inspired sneakers, to more dramatic regal black and gold jacquard and silver brocades that compliment tough leather separates. Softly pleated chiffon blouses and exaggerated ruffles lean towards a romantic rococo-inspired fantasy, yet manage to embody a somewhat futuristic street-savvy silhouette layered under knee-length outerwear with silk running shorts.

While Louis Vuitton’s previous collaboration with Supreme is still flooding our social media feeds, Nicolas Ghesquière has clearly decided to embrace logomania. The iconic LV logo is indiscreetly knitted on checkered sweaters and vintage style handbags, marking the trademarked sweaters as instant must-haves for collectors and fashion people alike.

Chunky sneakers recall 90’s basketball but manage to lend a sharp, futuristic dynamic to otherwise classically feminine and delicate pieces. Even beaded evening gowns and cocktail dresses are rendered modern when styled with a pair of Louis Vuitton statement sneakers. This deliberately highlights a once taboo trend that has now been spotted on all the major runways. The message? Elaborate aristocratic frocks are no longer simply relics from the court of the Sun King, just as gym wear is no longer simply for the gym. Both are now equally acceptable as variable day-wear in everyone’s wardrobe.



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