Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 Runway Show

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Louis Vuitton Ushers in The Era of The Silk Souvenir Jacket

Kim Jones’s spring 2016 menswear collection for Louis Vuitton was a luxe version of American streetwear-meets-southeast-Asia. The show opened with vivid satin souvenir jackets with embroidered cranes and birds of paradise, a red silk Hawaiian shirt with embroidered monkeys  over slim flat front trousers are sure to appeal directly to the world’s affluent crowd that Jones is courting. The models looked particularly fetching with hand tied chokers (silk of course) wound tightly around the neck, printed with the words Louis Vuitton. The hybrid bomber has become hands down the new key piece to invest in.

Equally as stunning as the jackets are the indigo silk denim pieces, and feather light organza tank tops with bonded-leather seams to wear with everything. These were followed by a small group of fully reversible pieces made from organza-backed lambskin, that appeared so light you’d swear they were made of paper. Jones also introduced a pajama dressing and a new kind of pebble-dashed, hand-painted camo.

Jones said he was fascinated by the way ideas migrate around the world. “In this collection we are using many ideas and techniques from South East Asia, from Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. At the same time, we wanted to look at how those styles share so much globally; say how the traditional dress of the Lahu tribe in Thailand looks so much like contemporary sportswear.” “Fashion is a language that reflects different cultures and tribes globally from New York, Tokyo, Bangkok and Paris – and Louis Vuitton is really a part of that.” Jones genius for filtering the traditions  of many cultures through his own design sensibility is unparalleled in the fashion world. The Japanese appropriation of American sportswear is the prime example this season. The stellar show also featured legendary musician Nile Rodgers with his brand of funk dance music, which fit perfectly with the flash and shine of the clothes.

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