Les Hommes Fall 2019: 90s Rave and Himalayan Hiking

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For Fall 2019, Les Hommes ditched the ultra sleek military styles and embraced a more relaxed aesthetic with a mashup of a 90s techno rave and Himalayan hiking. The designers’ fresh new take on streetwear and winter sports was a smart balancing act of outerwear mixed with athletic pieces, neither element outshining the other, but allowing for the opposites to coexist in harmony.

A jumpsuit with reflective stripes was worn over a pink windbreaker, and a white collared shirt and tie combo, was finished off with a pair of chunky sneakers. Other footwear included black dress shoes and hiking boots. There were pops of neon colors from pink, yellow, and green to warm shades of marigold and ultramarine blue. A standout look was a black windbreaker worn with black trousers and topped by a suede camel jacket with a lime green shearling lining. Playing with unexpected materials for anoraks like metallics and see-through PVC gave way to the raver side of the collection.

There were of course, more utilitarian elements from mountain hiking like the padded coats and puffers or oversized sunglasses that are perfect for sunny days in snowy mountains. Nylon belts printed with the brand’s logo were buckled onto trousers, recalling backpacks buckled around the chest of hikers – as seen strapped onto a model in a white quilted coat. Artisanal sweaters were knit to mimic the multicolor wooden doors of Himalayan cabins, and Tibetan monks actually inspired the cropped pants with wide pleats on the front. It seems that the designers are all for having a bit of fun.


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