In the Spirit of Saint Laurent…

Hedi Slimane has turned the former house of Yves Saint Laurent completely inside out… heralding his new vision with a mens Spring 2014 collection so incredibly influenced by youth culture and American rock and roll music it feels unconventionally cool.

In an ode to Teddy Boys, Slimane cast young indie musicians in the show wearing high waisted leather pants, varsity jackets, cropped tees, mesh tops, along with Rockabilly bolero-esque jackets, which came in checks, studs, or radiant gold flecked metallic. Saint Laurent’s suits are far from traditional and this time around, the single-breasted jackets were cut shorter and paired with higher waisted pants, belted slightly above the waist. Think David Bowie, and ultra-slim-fitting trousers paired with long  jackets complimented by pointed leather boots, bolo ties and bandanas.

Slimane’s mens collection for Saint Laurent has sparked controversy due to the fact there’s little of Yves Saint Laurent’s legacy in Slimane’s new music-obsessed makeover of the house.  However, Saint Laurent has always been about innovation, embracing modern culture, and ultimately about what’s happening and relevant right now. Therefore, Hedi Slimane’s rebellious unisex designs for the house are a match made in heaven.

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