Gypsy Sport Spring 2018: DIY Revolution

Gypsy Sport designer Rio Uribe is ushering in a full-blown DIY revolution. Inspired by today’s forward thinking millennials, Uribe translates their style and attitude into wearable gender-neutral clothing that anyone and everyone can identify with.

The show’s models were boldly diverse and reflect the true spirit of modern America: everyday people plucked straight from the street representing various backgrounds, skin tones, sizes, and body shapes. “When I was young, I told myself that if I ever started a line, it would be plus-sized, because I saw that my mom could never find anything to wear. I realize now that if I’m casting, the models just have to feel real. Sometimes I think the clothing can be a little too dreamy, or tough to sell, but if it’s on someone you would maybe see on the subway, it makes it relatable. That’s what some of these “Nodels” are to me.” True to his perspective, Uribe’s models carried bags and groceries down the runway- one model even drug a trash bin behind her- all furthering the message of everyday normalcy in wearing the looks day-to-day: anytime, anywhere.

The collection consisted entirely of re-purposed materials pieced together, resulting in a truly individual, raw glamour. An exciting sense of resourcefulness is evoked through pieces made entirely out of souvenir Eiffel Tower key rings, random pieces of license plates, doilies, or newspapers. As the models stormed down the Place de la République, Uribe proudly exclaimed, “those are my old Levi’s, that’s my Kaepernick jersey, and that’s my grandmother’s crochet!”

The irreverent styling featured jeans worn as a top, neon orange safety gear pants with shoelace details, and a crocheted quilt turned into a sweater accented with buttons and fringe. Uribe’s DIY accessories included soda tab necklaces, key rings fashioned into necklaces, as well as hair pieces on men and women. Each piece symbolized the stamp of freedom from conventional dressing and was either sheer, distressed, DIY patchwork, along with revamped sports jerseys, or a combination of all of the above. Rio Uribe’s style tribes walked the show with a bold confidence and fierce attitude aroused by being surrounded by their community.

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