Ermenegildo Zegna Fall 2019: More Chic, Less Street

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Versatility is the name of the game at Ermenegildo Zegna’s Fall 2019 show, where Alessandro Sartori emphasized sustainability with a “more chic, less street” menswear collection. The show presented in the striking grand atrium of the Milano Centrale, the largest train station in Europe set the tone for Sartori’s remarkable runway show. The designer said he had chosen the location because “this is a place where people begin their travels, or finish them. “Borders keep being narrowed throughout the world. I felt the urge to advocate the power of openness and multiplicity,” Sartori explained. “It’s where people meet and connect, and the whole idea of connection is to be open, and include diversity.”


In keeping with Zegna’s eco-friendly philosophy, a whopping thirty percent of the collection was rendered from natural and technical fabrics derived from sustainable materials that emphasize the “Use the Existing” banner created by Zegna’s textile division. Many of the garments can be regenerated, and recycled infinitum, much like the prints decorating the sleek topcoats. You no longer have to throw away your old clothes when they go out of style – instead Zegna’s fully interchangeable and detachable cuffs, straps & collars allow the wearer to transform each garment, for today’s fleeting trends and tastes.


Cargo pants featured straps to allow the wearer to shorten the hem as needed to vary the length. And jackets featured detachable collars to make layering easy with Zegna’s outstanding collection of outerwear. As for the accessories, felt wool baseball caps by hat maker Cappellificio Cervo had advent-calendar-flaps, while backpacks featured built-in wireless speakers and add-on bags that allow you to build your own commuter backpack. There was also a new take on the XXX Cesare sneaker, which is available to be customized online.


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