Dries Van Noten’s Highbrow Camo

Dries Van Noten’s near total immersion into camouflage, had him radically reinterpreting this modern staple in novel new ways to create a stylish, elegant mens wardrobe. What separates his camouflage from the others is the three distinctive motifs he used; animal, horn and a floral pattern rendered in bold brights and muted shades and textures. Noten’s goal was to keep the look masculine and separate himself from the current metro-sexual styles seen on many of the Paris runways. He transformed camouflage from its military roots to a chic contemporary print in everything from suits to trousers and jacket linings.

Noten delivered a collection so unique, masterfully incorporating a fencing theme that elevated the collection to high brow status. Trench coats, quilted padded vests, high collar shirts and color blocked track suits were only a few of the coveted pieces that left the audience wanting more.

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