Cottweiler Fall 2018: Minimal Futurist Menswear

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Cottweiler’s latest fall mens show of minimalist streetwear was fittingly set in the mineralogy room of London’s Natural History Museum. The multi-award winning brand took us on a spelunking adventure geared towards outdoor exploration. Packed with sleek outdoor gear inspired by a recent trip to the Krizna Jama caves in Slovenia, the collection read sophisticated and soft, rather than hardcore cave explorer.


Designers Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty were aiming for a “softer touch and more formal approach to sportswear” this season. The starting point for the ultra-stylized collection began with luxe wool sweaters, textured beanies, and fuzzy jackets that perfectly translate the outdoor lifestyle to the city streets. Many of the slim separates were largely reminiscent of tracksuits, yet are neat, and thoughtfully curated for the modern guy who prefers to remain on-trend.


The accessories however, were undeniably outdoorsy – packed with carabiners, rock climbing harnesses, clips and other gear strapped to belts, and structured boxes. Accessories include shoes and bags embellished with a hardened wax, resembling stalagmites in a cave. Even the model’s arms, legs, and hair were coated in a slimy substance, as if they had just crawled out from the depths of a murky cavern.


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