Alessandro Trincone Spring 2019: The Future of Fashion is Genderless

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Babydoll Dresses and Bonnets For Men

Alessandro Trincone has his head in the clouds this season – literally.  The young designer noted for his hats styled looks with oversized headwear in  sequins or effervescent whites resembling dense, billowy clouds.  Some were more abstract and organic, others came in the form of rigid tents or kites, and some a bit more modest for daily wear (though still covered in blinding silver sequins). Not a single look went down the runway sans hat, providing  theatrical inspiration for springtime styling, or when it’s just too damn hot to layer.


Emerging designer, Alessandro Trincone is just one of the latest to highlight the fluid-gender trend, crafting his entire Spring 2019 collection of frothy, voluminous tulle and  — with soft gathers and ruffles or scintillating sequins. The charming silhouettes were inspired by women’s gowns and 19th century unisex children’s clothing, and grounded by the fundamental white poplin shirt. “What I want for the future is for fashion to be genderless, where everything is the same for men’s and women’s”, Trincone explains. Though babydoll dresses and bonnets are nothing groundbreaking, the idea of a completely genderless future for fashion is a lot closer than you think.


In 2016, Atlanta rapper Young Thug was photographed wearing a soft periwinkle blue dress covered with layers of delicate rows of ruffles and bows for his album, “Jeffrey”. The now-iconic dress propelled the young designer Alessandro Trincone into sudden popularity amongst the fashion glitterati.  Now almost two years later, Trincone revisited the famous dress for his Spring 2019 collection with the theme of “embodying power within us.”  His goal? Namely, the power to be free of gender norms and stigmas surrounding what men can and cannot wear.


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