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Jewelry and Body Chains are Not Just for Women Anymore

The holidays are the perfect time to amp up your winter wardrobe by adding a few novel touches in the form of jewelry. Men’s jewelry was in full force at the Paris AW 2016 men’s shows and was a major hit on the runways of Alexander McQueen, Dior Homme, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton. A reference to Colonial India was the theme at McQueen. Sarah Burton featured exotic face jewelry and regal chains and pendants over shirts that conjured up a militaristic vibe. While at Lanvin, the long delicate body chains and necklaces looked effortless with the sensual styling of the clothes.

The tie bar and lapel pin were a staple at Louis Vuitton on their AW 16 coats worn with silky monogrammed scarves tied as chokers adorned with delicate silver pendants created by Jade Jagger, (Mick Jagger’s daughter who also  designs for Asprey London.) The necklace charms at Louis Vuitton were worn on short silver chains with bullet, postcard, and coin charms. These were styled with various pins clipped onto coats and scarves, including a crest made of diamonds. The jewelry added the right amount of heritage appeal to Louis Vuitton’s military coats that dominated their fall runway show.

Instead of a minimalist approach to jewelry, menswear designers are taking cues from history and incorporating unique accessories on the runway.  Beyond just the typical basics like ring and watches worn by most men everywhere, this seasons jewelry makes a statement by adding a touch of personality to any ensemble. Start by upgrading your favorite suit with a unique pair of cuff links or adding an antique tie bar. It’s best to stick to well designed pieces in silver or gold metal that blend easily and look great on most skin tones for a more subtle approach. You can’t go wrong with silver, it’s the most neutral choice for an ID bracelet or pendant necklace. This being said, there are a few cardinal rules for men to consider when choosing jewelry, to ensure your look reads gentlemanly as opposed to girly. Here are  few tips to help you choose masculine jewelry, from statement necklaces, and bodychains to  wrist candy and the art of wearing rings.


Wrists: Layering is Key

For watches and bracelets, an eclectic mix of classic steel mixed with copper, black or silver bracelets or smokey, nuetral colored pieces is worth replicating. Start by pairing elements or beads that look good with your watch.  Layering your wrist bracelets is the same as layering your sartorial choices in clothes, go tonal or add earthy colors depending upon the season. Your watch should always act as the foundation for the other bracelets or cuff of your choice. So keep things relatively neutral with classic combinations or experiment with brighter tones of turquoise for a novel juxtaposition to your jewelry. The key is to select masculine, versatile pieces which can be dressed up or down.



Neck Jewelry: Keep it Simple

A simple statement necklace will do the trick and add that extra bit of dimension to jeans and a t-shirt or beautiful evening suit. Many of the necklaces we spotted on the runway are minimal and elegant so that they allow your clothing to be the focal point  of your look. Remember that whilst a simple silver thin chain may work well for you, leather banded necklaces can work even more effectively for elevating casual looks. Ensure beaded necklaces are also very low-key in their design and style this choice appropriately for your dress code, meaning keep it for casual occasions only.



Sarah Burton caused a stir when she sent models down the runway with exotic facial piercings for AW 16. The punk inspired elaborate face jewelry simultated cheek piercing that connected to an equally lavish earring. The gothic safety pin was also on trend for the British fashion house, and theme with the show revolving around etymology and punk culture.


Short bead necklaces also appeared on the runway at Dior Homme AW 16 men’s show. The new wave skater boys all had the same five charms adorning their necklace. A simple bar, a silver or black star, a piece of red coral, a key and a red heart. The necklaces at Dior Homme are a good example of how to wear an office approved necklace with a tie.


Models at Lanvin AW16 showed off a sensual and effortless way to layer necklaces as accent pieces without looking weighed down or overdone. The braided fabric and thin leather necklaces blended easily with silver chains and small pendants. Lanvin’s designer Lucas Ossendrijver styled shirts loose and open to the navel at times to expose layered necklaces and delicate bodychains.

A Ring on Every Finger

Rings are more important than ever for fall, and this season everyone seems to wearing a ring on every finger from Rock n’ Rollers to designers such as Alessandro Michele. The best way to go about rocking rings is to opt for heavy silver rings or look for vintage antique gold rings that look like they have been handed down through generations.  You can also choose steel in different metal finishes for a modern look that reads stylish as opposed to campy. Look for quirky or fossil-like stones to add an additionally masculine edge to a jeans and a t-shirt.






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