Timo Weiland Fall 2016: New Men’s Dress Code

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Timo Weiland Fall 2016: New Men’s Dress Code

It’s no surprise that fashion and music mecca of New York City in the 60s, inspired co-designers Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein, and Donna Kang. Particularly Paradise Garage, Max Kansas City and CBGB’s.

The designers’ interest in workwear was also partly inspired by Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  which sparked a new dress code for a younger generation. Specifically, the “tech-sector type,” a previously untapped generation with climbing salaries and desire for luxury. Weiland and co. delivered just that, luxury with a focus on well-tailored pieces geared toward a generation of nostalgia.

Androgyny was also a major theme of the show, as seen in several clean, loose fitting coats with minimal detailing to emphasize the cut worn with roomy leg trousers, that later evolved into a slimmer, straighter fit as the show progressed. Pull overs with a circle zipper pulls worn underneath the suiting contributed to the retro feel.
The zippers featured on various tops infused a subtle athletic element to the looks. A vintage chevron pattern in the sweaters worn over turtlenecks was clearly a look taken right out of the 60s with some models donning large berets

The fabrics ranged from wool plaid to luxe velvet fabrics and even a shearling bomber. Everything came in deep jewel tones of ruby, forest green, or navy with touches of cobalt. The playful fall color mix and fabrications elevated the uniform theme of the collection, offsetting many of the androgynous staples in white, gray, and camel. Weiland himself pointed to the oversized cobalt blue coat as his favorite piece.  It was clear that the outerwear stole the show,  from light weight velvet bombers to the streamlined wool coats. Ultimately, the design team found the sweet spot as a “cool uniform code” emerged from the collection. The trio continues to evolve each season.

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Timo Weiland Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Ready-To-Wear Collection by designers Tim Weiland, Donna Kang and Alan Eckstein.

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Full Fashion Show in High Definition produced by Gianna Madrini, Style Editor – Global Fashion News ©2016 All Rights Reserved.

Models: Arthur Gosse, Bram Valbracht, Brianna Mellon, Dane Bell, Dillon Westbrock, Erik van Gils, Erin Mommsen, Hamid Onifade, Jeon June, Jeremy Matos, Linus Wordemann, Matthieu Gregoire, Piero Mendez, Roberto Sipos, Ryan Keating, Sung Jin Par , Will Wadhams, Xavier Buestel
Location: New York Fashion Week

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