Tim Coppens Fall 2016

James Perse Enterprises

Tim Coppens Fall 2016

The Belgian designer based in New York, was inspired by 80s and 90s youth cultures. Clear references to these two decades have been reinterpreted in tartan, grunge and pixelated graphic prints of spaceship video games.

Photo Credit: Andy Rolfes

Tim Coppens Fall / Winter 2016 Trailer Menswear Read-To-Wear Collection by Belgian designer based in New York.
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Models: Adam Perkins, Aqua Parios, August Gonet, Austin Weinreb,Brandon Bailey
Briar Montana, Chris Fernandez, Damien Medina,
Frida Westerlund, Ilir Shanja,
Irina Djuranovic, Julia Jamin,
Lucas Ucedo, Matvey Konstantinov,
Nastya Abramova, Nathaniel Dam,
Niels Trispel, Raphael Wolf,
Ryan Keating, Selena Forrest,
Sheani Gist, Tre Samuels
Location: New York Fashion Week

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