The Top Spring 2017 Mens Trends: Keep on Trekking

Socks and Sandals At The Top of The list for Spring 2017

    An unexpected new trend dominated the spring 2017 runway – socks and sandals. Traditionally thought to be a fashion faux pas, the trend has emerged into a must have accessory for the spring. Top designers reworked teva-style sandals into unique footwear pieces that complemented their spring collections.

    Menswear spring 2017 collections showed socks and sandals in a diverse range of styles and settings. Some designers stuck to the basics while others personalized the trend to the theme of their collection. Versace paired strappy gladiators and dress socks with their athletic wear looks inspired by the style of breakdancers. Astrid Anderson embellished their sporty looks with sandals and high white knee socks. Prada’s backpacker themed spring collection showed velcro sandals with printed straps matched with colorful socks. John Elliott coordinated the colors of his beachwear inspired pieces with single strap sandals and socks. Lou Dalton kept it simple by pairing their entire spring collection with the same black velcro sandals and white ankle socks.

     Say goodbye to previous notions associating socks and sandals as a fashion mishap among dads, athletes and tourists, as the trend seems to playing a more prominent role in spring 17 collections. Designers wide spread use of socks and sandals in a variety of different looks hints that this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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