Gustav von Aschenbach 2018: Minimal Silhouettes With a Punch

Robert Geller Debuts Gustav von Aschenbach for Spring 2018 – Minimal Silhouettes With a Punch

As the winner of multiple awards including Vogue CFDA, GQ’s Best New Menswear Designer, and the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award, Robert Geller has been on fire since graduating from RISD in 2001. Shortly after graduating, Geller went to work for Marc Jacobs, and after only 2 years established Cloak, alongside Alexander Plokhov.  In addition to Cloak, he also founded Herald, a women’s knitwear line that soon grew to become a full label. For Spring 2018 Robert Geller has launched a second menswear line Gustav von Aschenbach that is focused on beautifully cut basics that are more widely accessible.

The name Gustav von Aschenbach hails from one of Geller’s favorite teenage reads, Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. Geller named it so, in order to distance the collection from his own eponymous line that he’s been producing for 10 years. Geller said he’d been “thinking about silhouettes for a long time” and felt he was finally ready to branch out. Each piece carries a certain amount of street cred and works just as well styled with your existing wardrobe. “In my mind, that’s where menswear is going,” Geller says. “It’s about silhouettes and ease.” The collection couldn’t be more on-point for the modern guy, who has more to worry about than what he’s going to wear, but still wants to look ultra fly.

The collection is highly in-tune to with what young guys really want to wear, and is remarkably affordable, with prices starting from $180-$650. Geller’s exaggerated, yet approachable urban silhouettes manage to fuse cool street style with a high fashion aesthetic and appeal to a diverse group of guys who share one thing in common – a keen sense of style. Speaking of diversity, Geller made the ultimate fashion statement by intentionally casting all-black models in his presentation this season. It’s a huge, long-awaited step for men’s fashion week which we  applaud, and look forward to seeing more of from other designers next season; if one thing is trending, let this be it.


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See All the Looks from the Collection

Robert Geller Robert Gellar Acid Wash Hoodie • Robert Geller • $149.99
Robert Geller Woven Shirt • Robert Geller • $99.99
Robert Geller Casper Bomber Jacket • Robert Geller • $199.99
Robert Geller Satin Pleated Pants • Robert Geller • $75
Robert Geller The Robert Pants • Robert Geller • $310.80
Robert Geller Black Undone Blixa Trousers • Robert Geller • $250
Robert Geller Blue Common Projects Edition Chelsea Boots • Robert Geller • $511
Robert Geller x Common Projects Combat Boot • Robert Geller • $585
Robert Geller Beige Common Projects Edition High-Top Sneakers • Robert Geller • $285

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