Palomo Spain Fall 2017: Objecto Sexual

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Palomo Spain Debuts Menswear Collection at NYFW

Not since Miguel Adrover has a Spanish designer created such a buzz at New York Fashion Week. At Men’s fashion Week no less. In his Fall 2017 menswear debut, Alejandro Gomez Palomo injected a much needed dose of excitement by materialising what used to reside in his imagination, and bringing it to life in a lavish and resplendent display of couture quality garments.  All of his models were male, but donned clothes that are traditionally thought of as womenswear.  Although increasingly, clothes are clothes and can be worn by anyone.  “Objecto Sexual,” which translates to sexual object in Spanish, was received by cheers from the fashion crowd.  The show opened with a feminine take on suiting, with ruffles, bell sleeves, and exposed shoulders. The use of garters, ultra-cropped skirts and a healthy dose of transparencies, made it clear Palomo was exposing the raw power of sex. The show closed with virginal boys in all white gowns and garters, plus one latex suit that resembled a bridegroom wearing a white latex condom. “I’m exploring my most sexual self,” he said. In the end, these are beautiful clothes for anyone to indulge in regardless of their identity.

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