Palmiers du Mal Fall 2017: The Pink Panther Gang

The Jet Set Playboy Lounge Looks of the Pink Panther Gang

Palmiers du Mal designer, Shane Fonner, found quirky inspiration for his Fall 2017 collection in the infamous Pink Panthers jewel thieves of Europe and their take on relaxed opulence. The grand taste of luxury of the jewel thieves translated into faux-fur double-zippered hoodies, silk pajama shirts unbuttoned all the way down to the bellybutton, and the softest velvet tracksuits.

Although the collection revolved around the “fictional syndicate of international jewel thieves” and their extravagant taste, Fonner included several graphic T-shirts with jewel encrusted teardrops and the slogan “Evil Palms” emblazoned across the front of shirts. Another oversized shirt had the word “Consignment” printed at the hem and was paired with relaxed Japanese denim trousers.

The collection’s deshabille, sexy looks included a rich green crushed velvet track jacket with silk piping done entirely by hand in peach trim. The jacket was worn over slate corduroy trousers and rubber slides that boasted the acronym “MDMA.”  Lush velvet fabrics were also seen in the many pajama style shirts, track pants, and softly tailored jackets in the collection. Another look centered on a peach colored lounge jacket with a blocked turtleneck worn over pinstriped trousers, and styled with a matching balaclava mask which shrouded the face.

Glamorous sun faded colors in pastel peach, ice blue, and slate along with the louche, oversized, slouchy clothing all had a distinctive lounge vibe. It’s a fantasy, of a man lounging at his getaway island after completing a heist according to the designer. “It’s the gentleman crime,” said Fonner after the show.

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