Marc Jacobs Spring 2018: A Rich Tapestry of Exotic Silhouettes

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Backstage Beauty

at Marc Jacobs Spring 2018


Marc Jacobs Takes Us On a Holiday in Our Heads

“Somewhere” was the title of the collection, which the show notes explained was a reference to “taking a holiday in our heads,” and anyone who has spent an afternoon in the closet of an eccentric realtive or even in his or her own closet knows that playing dress up can take you not only somewhere, but almost anywhere. That was the message here: that fashion can be transporting even in its most mundane.

Fanny packs, flight bags and duffels were made for travel, and sport sandals and baboosh slippers adorned with fringe, pompoms and jewels added to the kind of fashion fantasy that isn’t just born of a runway, but from any person’s stylish reality.

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