Marc Jacobs Fall 2018: Pump Up the Volume

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Matching Head to Toe in Opulent Jewel Tones

Ending New York Fashion Week on a high note this season with a glamorous blast from the past. Taking direct ques from the biggest names of iconic 1980’s haute couture (Yves Saint Laurent, anyone?), the designer assures that there are “no street inspired clothes here”, as the collection was a complete paradox to the majority of trends today. In the midst of a culture that has never embraced dressing down more, Jacobs is here to proclaim that glamour is certainly not dead.

It wouldn’t be the 80’s without the quintessential shoulder pads and power suit sets; with their oversized work wear silhouettes, looks portrayed a very “girl boss” attitude that left no question as to who is in charge. “Go big or go home” was no understatement for the fashion house this season, sending exaggerated silhouettes of every kind down the extra-long runway. Massive bows and flourishes, puffed sleeves, and ultra high waists screamed retro, yet rendered in modern fabrics and contemporary metallics, prove to be just the refresher fashion needs.

Fanny packs, the fashion crowd’s increasingly favorite accessory, even made a statement amidst all the layers and volume. Shown in textured leathers and deep iridescent shades, each accessory is perfectly matched to specific jewel toned looks — whether completely monochromatic or playfully color blocked. Models wearing the evening and cocktail ensembles especially stood out with their mod, geometric haircuts and vibrant hair colors complementing the rich metallic velvet and taffeta looks set against deep black. Furthering the drama were wide flat brim hats topping shawls and head wraps, which nearly concealed the identity of the group of big name “it” models walking the show.


See All the Looks from the Collection

Marc Jacobs Flap Wide Hat • Marc Jacobs • $143
Marc Jacobs Women’s Cotton Wide-Leg Trousers • Marc Jacobs • $450
Marc Jacobs Iridescent Silk Scarf • Marc Jacobs • $52
Marc Jacobs Polka-dotted dress • Marc Jacobs • $939
Marc Jacobs Sequined Floral Tie-Waist Cocktail Dress • Marc Jacobs • $4,200
Marc Jacobs Flare Top silk dress • Marc Jacobs • $939

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