Givenchy Fall 2016: Pandora’s Box

Ricardo Tisci Opens Pandora’s Box at Givenchy Fall 2016 Women’s Show

Ricardo Tisci calls his print “Crazy Cleopatra” and his purses  inspired by a rectangular box “Pandora’s Box.”  The names are fitting for the psychedelic-Egyptian themed dresses and blouses that comprise his Fall 2016 Collection. To add to the madness, Tisci  collaged snake skin and printed leopard on trench coats tapping into everything from the world of pop, to psychedelic music, and Egyptian culture. Imagine drummer boy band jackets, edged in red with gold frogging and punctuated with brassy buttons, alongside David Bowie “Ziggy Stardust” jackets and vests constructed from a patchwork of metallic snake skin,  python, and leopard with a few trippy kaleidoscopic prints thrown in for good measure. All worn with cleverly designed pyramid heeled boots.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath further heighten the beauty behind the Egyptian theme by bleaching the models’ eyebrows in order to create a blank canvas for her new take on the “cat-eye”.  An extra long long winged, smokey brown eye.The look was topped off by small curled wig caps of the models’ matching hair color by Guido Palau. The overall look was that of a rebel with a regal Cleopatra infusion and accessories that will be everywhere this fall. The iconic Pandora’s Box handbag is asymmetric, contemporary and chic, and has now become a signature of Givenchy.



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