Fall 2017 Trend: Is Gorpcore the New Normcore?


Are We Defeated?

Is Gorpcore a sign of the times?  Are we regressing to an earlier period in human evolution when it was all about survival of the fittest, and embracing our primitive roots with the latest camp-gear aesthetic known as Gorpcore? Everyone seems to be in on the joke, but it is quite a lot to read into when you see a person in a pair of heavy lug boots and a Patagonia vest that screams outdoor ready, yet they are running around in an urban environment. The elements of gorpcore include fleece vests, Stone island jackets, colorful, too-big puffers, anorak raincoats, and North Face-everything, along with velcro on your feet, socks and sandal combos, bumbags, and any useful outdoor wear — Oddly enough, practicality is all the rage this season. There is a certain security in knowing the end could come at any time and you’d be prepared for anything.

We don’t know if the end is near, if nuclear warfare is on the horizon or if an apocalypse looms, but at least for we have the creature comforts of gorpcore to keep us warm and dry.