Etro Fall 2016: Highlights The State of Nature

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Etro’s Fall 2016 Men’s Show Highlights The “State of Nature”

All the good things are wild and free, according to Kean Etro and the poetic film he used to open his menswear show in Milan. The film, an ode to wild animals and nature, and living in harmony with mother earth mirrors the mood of the season. Known for his love of nature, Kean Etro declared his fall menswear collection “a call to environmental stewardship.” He opened the show with muted tones of navy, black, and earthy hues mixed with pops of deep jewel toned cobalt, ruby, emerald, and canary yellow, and purposely scaling back on Etro’s famed paisley prints. When a famed fashion house like Etro ousts pattern and embellishment, you’re bound to take notice. Brooding hues carried the collection, and relied heavily on uncluttered knits worn under exotic animal printed coats with leopard and tiger stripes. At the halfway mark, the show veered exclusively  toward copper, gray, and black, marking a shift to a more rustic autumnal palette.

The many monochromatic looks were broken up by rich fabric textures, animals prints and sparsely checked outerwear.  All very much a winter’s tale, with plaid printed over a shadowy leaf print on a suit. This double-layering of printed patterns added an additional dimension to the clothes, with a similar depth seen in a variety of tweed overcoats layered over distressed sweaters and suits. Perfectly bundled layers of velvet and cashmere drew heavily on the inward-looking stance that many take during colder months and tapped into an inherent human emotion. Kean interpreted the mood as,  “It’s just a feeling. Everything is more subdued. So you can listen to the wind and the whispers in nature.” Etro’s bohemian luxe aesthetic nodded to the theme of spiritual affinity with their luxurious take on cashmere, jacquard, and floral embroideries juxtaposed with prints of leaves.

See the backstage looks and front row arrivals on our YouTube channel here.

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